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We supply parts, and provide support for all prior versions of the Green APU. However today, the only unit we sell is our latest 5th Generation Kubota Star Edition APU.

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Green APU Maintenance


In the trucking business, everyone knows that maintenance is the key to a machine’s long life and reliability. Green APU is here to help you get the most out of your investment in one of our unit. Because nobody knows our APU’s better than we do, we offer complete maintenance services that will keep your Green APU operating at top performance for many years to come.




Star Edition every 1000 work hours
All others required every 600 work hours

Consists of:

  • Checking the oil level before changing it
  • Oil change
  • Replacing the fuel filter
  • Replacing the air filter
  • Replacing the oil filter
  • Checking the connection to the AC system and its efficiency
  • Checking all the water hose connections to locate any leaks
  • Washing / changing the filter on the HVAC in the tractor cab
  • Cleaning the AC system’s condenser
  • Washing the entire engine if necessary
  • Checking the condition and tension levels of the compressor and alternator belts
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