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Choose Green APU Unit For the Best Customer Service and Affordable Products

Since we created the P60a APU, we’ve helped countless customers save money and maximize their comfort through our cutting-edge technology. Our auxiliary power unit is not only the most affordable solution on the market, but it’s also the most versatile, providing users with an almost unlimited list of options and benefits. From battery maintenance and upkeep to truck cab comfort and temperature control, our APU can do it all. Work with our customer service team to learn all about how our APU can make your life easier and improve the morale of your drivers.


Why Choose Our Truck APU Unit?

The Most Versatile, Convenient, and Durable APU on the Market

Any APU can heat and cool the cabin and sleeper. But our APU does it better. The actual temperature is set and monitored using a controller conveniently mounted at the lower bunk level. The APU automatically switches between cooling and heating eliminating the need for the driver to tweak it. Imagine enjoying the off hours at the comfort level afforded by a climate control found in luxury cars!
Maintain cab comfort
The truck's batteries drop in capacity and power quickly even if they are relatively new. On days with falling temperatures most drivers begin to worry that the batteries will fail to crank the engine. To actively compensate for this problem our APU automatically starts and charges them to maintain the optimum voltage. This way you can drive a truck with reliable batteries regardless the weather or their age!
Battery charger
The truck's Diesel engine is hard to crank in cold temperatures. Our APU counteracts the cold weather problems. It automatically starts and warms the truck's main engine if the coolant drops below 32F. This ensures that the truck starts easily even after a few days in very cold weather.
Engine pre-heat
All diesel truck models 2007 and newer are equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This system can clog and shut down the main engine. Additionally some truck manufacturers will void your tractor's warranty if the idle time exceeds about 15%. DPF repairs cost anywhere from $800 for a regeneration service to over $6,000 for a replacement job. Our APU avoids this problem because it eliminates the need for the main engine idle.
Conserve your DPF
The truck's batteries can easily be depleted if left unattended. Electrical drain or driver convenience accessories, such as refrigerators, can deprive the main batteries of the necessary cranking power. Fortunately, our APU can start using very little battery power - a passenger car can provide a jump start for it if need be. In turn, it can charge mostly drained batteries up to the necessary cranking power in as little as 20 minutes preventing costly service calls.
Truck jump start


While Trucks Can Use Huge Amounts of Diesel, Our APU Will Cut Your Costs in a Big Way

The main engine of a truck can waste over a gallon per hour, even with cutting-edge tractors. Our APU uses less than a quarter gallon per hour, which equals huge savings at the pump. Go green, save money on diesel, and invest in the best APU on the market today!


No Matter What Style or Color You’re Looking For, Green APU Offers a Perfect Match for You



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We Offer a Variety of Financing Options to Suit Your Needs

At Green APU, we not only offer cutting-edge, affordable APU systems, we also work hard on your behalf to make sure you can get the APU solutions you need for your business. We’ve partnered with Sunset Financial Group, LLC to secure a comprehensive range of financing options which can be tailored to meet your needs. With low down-payments, long-term financing, and lease-to-own options, you can get the payment plan which works for you.

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Testimonials From Truck APU Users

Maria Romero

Maria Romero

San Francisco

In my business, consistency is everything. That’s why I rely on Green APU for my entire fleet of trucks. Their systems keep everything running smoothly and they save me a ton of money on diesel. Since we started using them, my drivers are happier and my profits are better than ever.

Steven Rogers

Steven Rogers


I’ve been driving trucks for nearly a decade now and I can say from extensive experience that this APU is the best thing that’s ever happened. My cab is the most comfortable it’s ever been and I can always count on my truck to start up, no matter how harsh the weather is outside.

Chris Parker

Chris Parker


I have Green APUs in all my trucks and my drivers love them. With increased fleet morale and consistent service, my business is booming.

John B. Walker

John B. Walker

New York

As a truck driver, I rely upon my Green APU to help me get through all kinds of weather comfortably and with a reliable battery.

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