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Climate control mode maintains in-cab comfort. The semi-truck APU unit will alternate between AC and heat accordingly based on your desired temperature.


battery maintenance

The Battery Monitoring / Charge Mode is designed to ensure your truck starts every time, regardless of how long it sits in the yard.


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Our auxiliary power units also ensure your truck starts in the coldest of climates, preheating your engine’s coolant when temps drop below 33.


Sturdy construction apu

Sturdy Green APU unit construction incorporates the finest commercial, off-the-shelf components available on the market.

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Since we created the P60a auxiliary power unit, we’ve helped countless customers save money and maximize their comfort through our cutting-edge technology. Our auxiliary power unit is not only the most affordable solution on the market, but it’s also the most versatile, providing users with an almost unlimited list of options and benefits. Our APU unit can do it all, from battery maintenance and upkeep to truck cab comfort and temperature control. Work with our customer service team to learn all about how our Green APU auxiliary power units for semi-trucks can make your life easier and improve your drivers’ morale.

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The Most Versatile, Convenient, and Durable Auxiliary Power Unit for Semi Trucks on the Market

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Any auxiliary power unit can heat and cool the cabin and sleeper. But our APU does it better. The actual temperature is set and monitored using a controller conveniently mounted at the lower bunk level. The auxiliary power unit automatically switches between cooling and heating, eliminating the driver’s need to tweak it. Imagine enjoying your off-hours at the comfort level afforded by a climate control found in luxury cars!


The truck’s batteries drop in capacity and power quickly, even if they are relatively new. Most drivers begin to worry that the batteries will fail to crank the engine on days with falling temperatures. Our APU automatically starts and charges them to maintain the optimum voltage to compensate for this problem actively. This way, you can drive a truck with reliable batteries regardless of the weather or their age!

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The truck’s diesel engine is hard to crank in cold temperatures. Our auxiliary power units for semi-trucks counteract the cold weather problems. Green APUs automatically start and warm the truck’s main engine if the coolant drops below 32F. This process ensures that the truck starts quickly, even after a few days in frigid weather.


The truck’s batteries can quickly be depleted if left unattended. Electrical drain or driver convenience accessories, such as refrigerators, can deprive main batteries of the necessary cranking power. Fortunately, our APU can start using very little battery power – a passenger car can provide a jump start for it if need be. In turn, it can charge mostly drained batteries up to the necessary cranking power in as little as 20 minutes, preventing costly service calls.

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All diesel truck models 2007 and newer are equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This system can clog and shut down the main engine. Additionally, some truck manufacturers will void your tractor’s warranty if the idle time exceeds about 15%. DPF repairs cost anywhere from $800 for a regeneration service to over $6,000 for a replacement job. Our auxiliary power unit avoids this problem because it eliminates the need for the main engine idle.


While Trucks Can Use Huge Amounts of Diesel, Our Green APU Will Cut Your Costs in a Big Way

The main engine of a truck can waste over a gallon per hour, even with cutting-edge tractors. Our APU uses less than a quarter gallon per hour, which equals huge savings at the pump. Go green, save money on diesel, and invest in the best Auxiliary Power Unit on the market today!

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We Offer a Variety of Auxiliary Power Units Financing Options to Suit Your Needs

At Green APU, we not only offer cutting-edge, affordable auxiliary power units for semi-trucks, we also work hard on your behalf to make sure you can get the APU solutions you need for your business. We’ve partnered with Sunset Financial Group, LLC & NewLane Finance to secure a comprehensive range of financing options that can be tailored to meet your needs. With low down-payments, long-term financing, and lease-to-own options, you can get the payment plan which works for you.

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Ever since the strict enforcement of the US’s idling restrictions, many in the transportation industry have paid attention and equipped their semi-trucks with APUs. It is not just that; the advantages of getting one also attract more truckers to buy it. Auxiliary power units for semi-trucks are a great way to save money in the long run. The main engine is not worn out when using an APU, your DPF filter does not get clogged, and your truck will have a better performance on a per-hour basis too. The auxiliary power unit in semi-trucks also reduces the truck hours used, which will help prevent your warranty from getting void.


Maria Romero

Maria Romero

San Francisco

In my business, consistency is everything. That’s why I rely on Green APU for my entire fleet of trucks. Their systems keep everything running smoothly and they save me a ton of money on diesel. Since we started using them, my drivers are happier and my profits are better than ever.

Steven Rogers

Steven Rogers


I’ve been driving trucks for nearly a decade now and I can say from extensive experience that this APU is the best thing that’s ever happened. My cab is the most comfortable it’s ever been and I can always count on my truck to start up, no matter how harsh the weather is outside.

Chris Parker

Chris Parker


I have Green APUs in all my trucks and my drivers love them. With increased fleet morale and consistent service, my business is booming.

John B. Walker

John B. Walker

New York

As a truck driver, I rely upon my Green APU to help me get through all kinds of weather comfortably and with a reliable battery.


power unit

To fully understand both types, one will need to look at the pros and cons of each. Semi-truck APUs are mostly used for cooling and heating the sleeper cabin or provide electricity for hotel load devices. Many prefer the motor auxiliary power unit for semi trucks because it offers higher power and can run continuously. A battery-powered unit has lower power than the motor type, but it runs quieter than a motor APU. The most significant downside of the motor unit is the maintenance cost. However, here in Green APU, our auxiliary power units for semi-trucks can run for as long as 34 hours without breaks with low maintenance required.


When it comes to semi truck APUs, Green APU gives you an advantage over other competitors. Built by a mechanic, who knows that a simple design for an auxiliary power unit for semi trucks is not something to look down upon especially since it has the capacity to provide you with enough power for your air conditioning and heating needs. It is compatible with all components in other devices and with a Honda Civic condenser. Superb battery charging capacity that can last 34 hours coupled with a controller that has a built-in diagnostic system. Get your air cooled or have that hot sleeper ready when you need it because Green APU can run all the time. This auxiliary power unit for semi trucks may have less electric power than the diesel fueled bunch but it is considerably quieter and has live technical support when you need it.


When you choose Green APU for trucks, we have you covered with service centers throughout the country. So anytime you need service, it’s as easy as pulling in. And we are a cooperative partner with Pilot Flying J, making it even more convenient. Having a Green APU for semi-trucks is like having a crew member onboard riding along with you. With 35 SERVICE LOCATIONS NATIONWIDE, we’ll keep you on the road with just a quick stop to make sure your systems are operating at optimum levels. You can count on Green APU no matter where you are or where you’re going. Your APU truck is in the hands of the professionals at Green APU. Stop into one of our service centers or mention Green APU the next time you stop at the nearest Pilot Flying J.

FAQ about APU for Trucks

What are Auxiliary Power Units?

An Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is a device that is attached to large vehicles, such as transport trucks, to operate various systems. The device allows the vehicle to be turned off while still accessing the heating and cooling systems and secondary accessories. This saves on fuel because the vehicle does not need to be idling as it would without the APU installed. Less fuel consumption equates to more money saved and fewer resources wasted.

What's the purpose of APU?

An APU is designed to save money on fuel and at the same time, offer an alternative energy source for a vehicle so that fuel resources are not needlessly consumed. As a vehicle’s parking brake is set, the APU is engaged to operate the systems that would normally be operated by the engine. With the engine running much quieter, less fuel is used saving the truck operator money on the cost of fuel.

A bigger purpose is than cost saving is to be environmentally friendly. Lower fuel consumption means fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere and less strain on natural resources.

How does diesel APU work?

A diesel APU uses diesel fuel to provide power in various capacities when the vehicle is parked. The unit burns between 0.1 and 0.5 gallons of fuel per hour to power HVAC systems, hotel, or other electrical needs. It can even provide standard AC power when used through a generator or an inverter, reducing the need to burn more fuel.

What are the benefits of diesel APU?

A diesel APU provides a clean alternative energy source for heating, cooling, and AC power, saving money on fuel consumption.

Because diesel APUs are designed to operate in extreme heat or cold weather, they ensure reliable starts while also maintaining the internal cab systems.

As an APU uses very minimal fuel, it allows for almost unlimited use for heating, cooling, and AC power when needed.

How much fuel does an APU save/use?

Typically, a truck may consume approximately one gallon of diesel fuel per hour of idling time. At 2400 hours of idling per year on a vehicle, with the cost of diesel at $2.80 per gallon, that’s a fuel cost of $6720 per year for a truck to idle.

With an APU, however, that cost can be slashed by 90% by burning through only about 0.1 gallons of fuel per hour. That would amount to a total cost of $672 spent on fuel for a truck to idle over the course of the year.

Does GREEN APU need to be serviced?

Maintenance for your Green APU is recommended every 600 work hours. This includes oil and filter changes, checking belts, cleaning the HVAC system, and other important service checks. All combined, the maintenance service will keep your truck and your APU operating at peak efficiency for optimum fuel savings.


Finding your Green APU for trucks is easy. You can set yourself up with an APU truck by looking for us on YouTube or checking out our Facebook page. Plus, you can see how our APU for semi-trucks has changed the way so many use their trucks by seeing us on Yelp and Angie’s List. Find the location nearest to you on Google Maps and make your truck an APU truck. Visit us at one of these online locations and leave us a message, we’d be happy to hear from you.


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