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We supply parts, and provide support for all prior versions of the Green APU. However today, the only unit we sell is our latest 5th Generation Kubota Star Edition APU.

Please fill out a RUT-7 form when purchasing any products for tax exemption.

Shop Terms and Conditions

1. Any purchase made, whether directly at one of our locations or online may be returned within three (3) business days if the unit, device, part, or component is not physically damaged as a result of inappropriate use or negligence. Any item purchased that appears to have been tampered with in any way, or has exceeded the maximum three business day time frame will not be accepted.

2. Our shop only sells APU parts for the Green APU that are certified to fit and function correctly with the Green APU device. Green APU will not be held responsible for improper part replacement or installation. In the event that the part or device requested is not in stock at the time of the inquiry, Green APU will make every reasonable effort to acquire the item. Any item for sale at a shop or online is subject to availability. Green APU does not guarantee that an item in a shop or online may be purchased as they are available while supplies last. Prices listed both in-shop or online may change at the sole discretion of Green APU.

3. Return requests may be directed to Green APU at the physical address noted at the top of this document. Any inquiries may be made to this same office by calling or emailing Green APU using the contact information also noted at the top of this document.

4. Shipment of your Green APU or any parts ordered is handled upon receipt of payment. Shipping times may vary by state or local regions and Green APU may not be held responsible for late shipments.

5. In the event of a lost or missing shipment, Green APU will make every effort to locate your package through the shipping carrier directly and proof of any missing item is necessary to make a loss claim.

6. Several payment methods, including debit or credit cards, may be made available for any purchase at a shop or online. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure payment is made in full prior to receiving the part or device ordered. Payment methods may change without notice and at the discretion of Green APU. Any returns made and approved will be credited back to the purchaser using the original method of payment at the time of the purchase.

Service Terms and Conditions

Please read the Green APU Terms and Conditions carefully and entirely. In purchasing an auxiliary power unit from Green APU you acknowledge and agree to these terms. If you do not agree to one or more of the terms noted in these conditions, please contact Green APU prior to making your purchase, installation, or use of the product or part. You may contact us for clarification using one of the methods below:

Address: 13067 Main Street, Lemont, IL 60439, United States

Phone: (630) 628-1681

Toll-Free: (887) 751-0686

  1 – Sales

  2 – Parts

  3 – Technical Support

  4 – Service & Installation


Any inquiry should include your name, direct contact information, and a reference to the issue you have. Green APU will use any reasonable efforts available to honor your inquiry as quickly as possible.


About Us

Green APU offers auxiliary power units for the trucking industry and individual trucking professionals throughout the United States with 35 service locations across the country outfitted to install and maintain your APU device and related parts and accessories.



The products and services offered by Green APU or its partners are solely owned and at the discretion of Green APU. We are not responsible for any damage to property or vehicles, or personal injury as a result of the installation or use of our auxiliary power unit, whether it was installed at one of our 35 facilities or a partner location.

These terms only govern the Green APU device, it’s corresponding parts, and the accessories that go with it, whether they are included at the time of sale or optional additions. You agree that any dispute or claim made regarding any damage, injury, or death as a result of improper use or manipulation of our Green APU device, as well as improper installation by a third-party is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


Green APU services are offered at 35 registered locations across the United States and each one is individually bound by local, state, and federal laws. As local and state laws may be different, Green APU services may also be different from one location to another.

Any information we collect from the purchaser at the time of purchase, during installation, or while servicing the auxiliary power unit will always remain confidential and will not be released or sold to third party companies or individuals. All information gathered will only be used to maintain service records, assess warranties, and issue updates regarding the purchaser’s auxiliary power unit for service times and available upgrades if there are any.

Green APU is not responsible for the loss of revenue in the event that installation or service cannot be rendered due to facility closure or unforeseen circumstances, including human intervention or natural events.

Every auxiliary power unit is installed and serviced by a trained professional who has a complete understanding of Green APU systems and technologies. Having a Green APU device installed or serviced at a facility that is not authorized directly by Green APU to provide such services may void any warranty resulting in the purchaser being responsible for any and all expenses incurred to repair or replace the unit or any of its parts.



As the purchaser of a new Green APU device or service on an existing Green APU device, you agree not to hold Green APU, its directors, officers, employees, agents, or its partners liable for any financial loss, personal or public property damage, injury to yourself as well as any passenger or individual who comes into direct or indirect contact with the auxiliary power unit, death or dismemberment.

Green APU, in its sole discretion, shall at any time have the right to deny a sale of or service to an auxiliary power unit in a case that may potentially cause harm to one of our facilities, any of our technicians and employees or partners, or the general public.

You may not modify the auxiliary power unit or its proper installation without the express written consent of Green APU without potentially voiding the warranty on the product.


Terms and Conditions Revisions

Green APU reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time, including omitting or adding causes as necessary. Such modifications shall be made effective immediately upon the changes appearing in this document. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to remain apprised any changes to the terms or conditions.

These terms and conditions shall remain in effect for as long as the purchaser operates with an auxiliary power unit from Green APU. It is at the sole discretion of Green APU to change, limit, suspend, or cancel the terms of this agreement.



It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the auxiliary power unit obtained from Green APU is operating at acceptable levels. The auxiliary power unit should be serviced and checked at regular intervals as recommended at the time of sale or installation, and in the accompanying manual. Failure to comply with the appropriate servicing schedule may reduce the unit’s efficiency and functionality, and it may void any warranty remaining.

Any charges incurred for maintenance, repair, or installation of the auxiliary power unit are the responsibility of the purchaser unless covered under warranty during the warranty period if any remains.

The auxiliary power unit is not to be used for any purpose other than that for which it is intended, including any unlawful activity or functioning that outpaces the unit’s capabilities as currently installed.



The Green APU trademark, including the stylized working and logo, is the property of Green APU and may not be used in any way on any media without the express written consent of Green APU. These terms and conditions do not serve as a transfer of any rights under the trademark or other intellectual property rights.


Forward-Looking Statements

These terms and conditions may feature forward-looking statements which are not representative of the future performance of a Green APU device or any of its parts and accessories, as well as our services or those provided by our partners. These statements reflect our current expectations of the auxiliary power units, our facilities and partner facilities, and our existing services offered.

Results may differ from one facility to another, from one service to another, and for each auxiliary power unit. As a result, uncertainties remain which may affect the overall efficiency of the auxiliary power unit, as well as the price and services offered. These products and services may also change according to local and state laws, which are themselves subject to changes beyond our control.

In the event that changes have occurred that are beyond the scope of these terms and conditions and those changes have not yet been reflected in this document, Green APU will operate according to the required changes to uphold the law. We will not be held responsible for such changes as they occur.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is deemed invalid by a court of the land within its jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions within these terms. They shall remain in full force and full effect.

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