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Green APU Savings Calculator

GreenAPU savings calculator has been designed to help customers visualize ammount of savings that will be made when choosing the auxiliary power unit made by GreenAPU. To use this calculator please drag sliders to reach the desired amount. Sliders also can be manipulated by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard.



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01 /Development

Developed out of a need for a better product by a group of fleet owners who were unsatisfied with the value delivered with the units that were on the market. Years of research and design spent on developing the ultimate solution for truck drivers.

02 /Where we stand today

It took time to reach the heights. Constant research and upgrades took us on a long way to perfection of our product and service. But the time delivered knowledge and opened the door to development of a auxiliary power unit that dominates the market today.

03 /Progress

Well established organization with top level products and support. Organization containing highly qualified engineers that are focused on delivering a finish product of highest quality. Organization that cares about its customers and shows it with its unbeatable customer service

04 /Vision

Our mission and top priority is to continue delivering leading products and excellent service to our customers. We take great pride in delivering the best service and are constantly looking for ways to improve it.


01 /24 Hour Tech Support

Green APU 24-hour support line serves as the first point of contact for customers that have questions or problems with the unit. Green APU support line is dedicated to troubleshooting and finding a solution to any ongoing issue with the unit.

02 /4 Hour installation

We understand that truck drivers are busy people and have no time to wait around for a lengthy installation. That is why Green APU team made sure that your wait time is decreased to a minimum. Only 4 hours, that is exactly what it takes to get your truck ready for you.

03 /Product walk-through

A quality guide provided to you by Green APU will not leave any questions unanswered. Walk-through designed to provide deep insight into the product and its functionality. The only way the unit will server you for a long time is if the knowledge about it is transferred correctly. Green APU team will make sure that you are acknowledged of every detail.

04 /Troubleshooting

Green APU provides quite a few options of troubleshooting. Easy to use interface gives you a perfect ability to do troubleshooting on your own excluding the need to physically go through the unit. We also understand the value of your time and in this case our 24 hour service is always available to you. Trained professional of Green APU will help you to resolve any issue that you might encounter.


01 /User friendly interface

Its a given that no person wants to deal with over complicated user interfaces. That is why Green APU came up with an interface that contains only functionality that you need. It is easy to navigate through and requires no time to learn.

02 /Savings on maintenance

Needless to say that constant use brings more maintenance expenses. And when it comes to the word 'use', the engine of your truck is the one that stands out the most. Green APU offers a great relief to you and you your engine. Being one of the best units on the market, our product was made to work for your truck.

03 /Fuel Savings

Needless to say that savings play a great role in truckers profession. With purchase of Green APU unit not only will you be able to save quiet a bit of money on fuel, but also avoid some maintenance expenses as well.

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