What are the benefits of using Green Apu?

Trying to keep a truck on the road over the long term and even from haul to haul is a never-ending battle between man and machine. The cost of operating a truck can put a real dent in your pocket and your bottom line. That’s why an auxiliary power unit for semi-trucks can be so valuable.

Not only can a truck APU offer excellent savings on every trip, but it can also save your engine, making it last that much longer before you need to go out and get a new truck. Here is what you can expect from putting an APU unit in your truck going forward.

Stay Within the Law

With the environmental impact as one of the primary concerns of many these days, there are relatively new laws that we must all consider when on the road. That includes anti-idling laws. As many of a truck’s systems rely on power from the engine to operate, idling has always been necessary, but with a Green APU installed, that necessity is a thing of the past.

A semi-truck APU runs in place of an idling engine to ensure that all the systems needed are operating without breaking any engine idling laws.

Save Fuel

Since the truck APU is doing all the work that the engine used to, that means less fuel is being used to maintain all the systems needed, including heating and cooling. That results in fewer stops at the pump and money saved on fuel, as industry standards show that fuel spent on an idling engine can cost anywhere from 0.6 gallons to 1.1 gallons per hour. That can add up very quickly over time.

Automatic Comfort

There is no mental switch needed when a driver pulls into a rest stop after a long drive. An auxiliary power unit automatically jumps into action as soon as the engine shuts down, offering all the power needed to maintain a comfortable cabin. It’s quiet and there is no concern over fuel loss.

Reduced Engine Maintenance

Spend more time driving and less time with the truck in the service shop. Typically, idle time on a truck can run up to 2600 hours per year. That is a lot of wasted fuel and wear and tear on the engine. But with a Green APU, that idling time is dramatically reduced, leading to longer engine life and fewer trips to the shop, leaving more time for driving.

If It’s Good for Aviation It’s Good for a Truck

Auxiliary power units are fast becoming the standard for more than just the trucking industry. You can find APU units in aircraft, as they operate many onboard systems, while also allowing the engines to conserve fuel before takeoff. Plus, APU units are a valuable commodity on space crafts. So if other major industries are making use of auxiliary power units and seeing the benefits first-hand, any truck can see those same benefits from a truck APU.


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