Advantages of a Green APU

In the trucking industry, expenses can get out of control quickly, especially when it comes to rising fuel costs. But there is a solution that is affordable, saves time, and will help keep money from flying into the fuel tank. The solution is an auxiliary power unit for trucks.

An APU unit can change the way any truck operates in one seamless and automated device. Here are some great advantages to installing a Green APU into a truck’s systems.

Save Thousands of Dollars

The whole purpose of a Green APU unit is to maintain a truck’s operating systems without having to run them through the fuel tank all the time. By doing so, that limits the amount of fuel used and over the course of a year, the savings really add up.

In fact, depending on the systems used in the truck and operating time, a truck APU can save upward of $5000 per year or more. It’s an investment well worth having in any truck.

Operational Truck Assistance

As the best APU on the market today, Green APU units offer great versatility as an alternative to fuel running a truck’s systems. From offering cold starts and engine preheating to cab heating and cooling to bunk heat, the Green APU can do it all and more.

Plus, the approximate fuel consumption while using the Green APU sits at 0.3 gallons per hour, allowing the truck to drive further on a single tank of fuel. And if it’s ever needed, the Green APU has an easily accessible jump start feature.

Easier Truck Maintenance

With onboard built-in diagnostic systems, the Green APU is capable of displaying any issues. As well, it includes battery monitoring and coolant temperature monitoring to better determine when the tuck needs servicing.

Long Lifespan

Because Green auxiliary power units for trucks were designed to last, they come with a 2-year or 2000 hour warranty. That ensures long term savings on energy and money as the system continues to operate in the background.

Technical support is also a wonderful feature to have if it’s ever needed. That’s why the Green APU includes lifetime assistance on a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week basis.

Take your truck further on a tank of fuel with the best APU on the market today. A Green APU should be in every truck on the road simply as a way to conserve energy but it’s the perfect tool to keep the money savings flowing directly to the bottom line.

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