Use The Green APU to Cook in Your Truck

When you have a Green APU on board your rig, it becomes a home away from home. When you are off the road getting some much-needed downtime, your APU powers your electricity, heat, A/C, and anything else you might need.

One thing we all love to do is eat! There’s nothing like a great meal to enjoy while you are resting between trips. There are a number of ways you can cook delicious, quick, and healthy meals in your truck.

Let’s look at 4 cooking appliances that will keep the great meals coming as you travel down the open road.


Slow Cooker  

A slow cooker, often referred to as a crock pot is one of the most versatile ways to cook healthy and delicious meals in your truck.

From stews to soups, and pretty much everything else in between, a slow cooker is easy to use, as it does all the work for you. Just put the ingredients for your favorite recipe in the pot, and put the cover on. In no time, you will have a wonderful meal ready to eat at your convenience. Best of all, the clean up is really easy with a slow cooker.

Get some great Crock Pot recipes here.


Electric Skillet

Whether it be a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, a steak with vegetables, or beautifully seasoned chicken, the eating possibilities are endless with an electric skillet. You can roast, fry, grill, stew, or bake a wide variety of meats and sides.

If you are feeling ambitious, try your hand at a few casseroles too! The key to good eating in your truck is ease of use, convenience, and easy clean up. A non-stick electric skillet does all of this and more!

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No rig would be complete without a microwave oven. Since the 1970s, microwaves have changed the way we all cook. There’s no limit to the food options you can enjoy with a microwave.

Whether you have a taste for chili on a brisk fall day, a delicious plate of pasta, some spicy chicken wings, or want to heat up a piece of apple pie to go with some ice cream, a microwave is a trucker’s best friend.

If you don’t want to take the time to prepare ingredients to cook, there are many packaged meals that you can keep in your mini-fridge, or on the shelf that would be great in the microwave.

Get lots of great microwave recipes here.


Small Air Fryer

Want to cook up some tender steak, your favorite flavor of wings, or some french fries? A small air fryer is your go-to product!

Free of any oil and messy clean-ups, air fryers use a heating element to produce intense heat, while a fan circulates it around. The rapid movement of heated air cooks food evenly, without burning or undercooking.

Air frying can produce many healthy meals because it does not require fatty oils to cook your food. In addition, many meals cooked in an air fryer are lower in fat and calories.

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Keep Cooking Down the Road with Green APU

The team at Green APU has the greatest respect for our truck driver customers. You keep our nation going with all the loads you deliver each day.

We are proud of the reputation our APU has earned over the years for its rugged dependability and unmatched quality. Our team wants you to enjoy your off time to the fullest extent possible. Put a Green APU on your rig, and you’ll feel like you never left home!

Learn more about Green APU here. See you down the road!

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