APUs: Reasons they are Worth the Investment

For any truck owner or business that utilizes a fleet of trucks, one of the primary concerns is fuel costs.  But an auxiliary power unit or truck APU can help maintain control over fuel consumption, for dramatic savings. There are actually a few factors that make an APU unit worth the investment.

Limit Truck Idling

A Green APU allows you to utilize various truck functions without the need to keep the engine running, saving approximately one gallon of diesel fuel per hour of idling time. Considering that a truck without a semi-truck APU installed is almost constantly in operation, even at rest, the fuel saved can be enormous. With APU units installed, the fuel savings can reach 90% during those idling times. That’s good for the bottom line and great for the environment.

Avoid Idling Fines

With crackdowns on idling to protect the environment becoming more mainstream, installing an APU unit in every truck would go a long way toward reducing that idle time to avoid costly infractions.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is always necessary to keep a truck on the road. But by integrating a Green APU, some of the truck’s components will require less frequent use and therefore less frequent maintenance, for more cost savings.

Greater Cab Comfort

As a truck APU is designed to handle the air conditioning and heating systems for the cab without the need for a running engine, comfort is automatic for the driver.

A single truck is a big investment, and a fleet is an even bigger one, so limiting additional costs that can go straight to your bottom line is important. A semi-truck APU can help cut costs in different ways, making it a valuable investment for any truck.

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