Should I insure my Green Apu Truck?

With fuel costs forever on the rise and idling regulations in place across the country, many in the trucking industry have chosen to install an auxiliary power unit or APU for semi-trucks. An APU for trucks helps to reduce fuel consumption while remaining in compliance with local and national environmental regulations. But just because it is installed and is essentially part of the truck, doesn’t necessarily mean it is insured against damage due to a collision, fire, vandalism, or even theft.

Think about your Green APU in one of two ways to determine whether you should insure the APU unit and how to get the best coverage for it.

Was Your APU Unit Factory Installed?

If your APU for trucks was installed at the factory and cannot be removed, you may consider insuring your APU unit through the truck’s regular damage policy. To do this, you would include the value of the Green APU as part of the value of the truck itself. This would provide you with compensation in the event of a total loss that covers the entire value of the truck, including the APU unit, less the deductible. However, the truck APU is surrendered with the claim and it will have to be replaced when you purchase another truck.

In the case of a covered partial loss, you would pay the deductible and receive an amount that can restore your truck, along with the APU unit, back to the pre-loss condition.

Was Your Auxiliary Power Unit Installed Aftermarket and Can it Be Removed?

If this is your situation, you may consider insurance for your APU unit through an inland marine policy. This type of policy provides coverage against physical damage for any onboard equipment you choose, including the APU for trucks. The kinds of perils that you may choose to have coverage for range from collisions to theft, fire, or vandalism.

In this case, the inland marine policy offers coverage regardless of where the APU unit is at the time of the loss. The benefit of this type of coverage is that if the truck sustains damage rendering it a total loss but the semi-truck APU only sustained minor damage, if any, you can remove the APU unit and install it in a new truck. As well, deductibles for such a policy tend to be much lower than those on a physical damage policy.

So an APU for trucks is a great tool to lower your fuel costs and keep your idling time down, which is why it’s worth considering insurance coverage for it. Just make certain you consider your insurance options and get the right type of policy. That way, you’ll have total peace of mind and can drive confidently knowing your Green APU is covered.

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