Why do you need apu for your semi truck?

As drivers know, an Auxiliary Power Unit or APU (unit) is a source of electrical power in vehicles, particularly in semi-trucks, for various functions. 

Semi-truck APUs are commonly used to operate accessory equipment including heating and cooling systems. They can also power up halogen lamps for those dimly lit areas, and aerial bucket trucks or service cranes hoist without requiring the main engine to be idle. In turn, this helps you reduce your fuel consumption while powering all the necessary tool drivers, crews, and amenities you need and utilizing their functions for efficient usage. 

Suffice to say, semi-trucks would highly benefit from having APUs. At $6,000 to $10,000 per vehicle, plus the installation, it can be a hefty price to pay, but a worthy investment at that. On the other hand, you may look at APUs for sale for more affordable prices. Green APUs also offer environmentally-friendly service for sustainable use.

Choosing between the two APU types available – whether you need a combustion-power or all-electric APU for your semi would highly depend on your application. 

Combustion-Power APU

Combustion-power or diesel-powered APUs cover unlimited power in operating heating and cooling systems provided the APU has sufficient fuel. This type of APU is ideal for long-haul applications, which is why most drivers prefer it. As with maintenance, you are looking at frequent oil changes, fuel filters, and general preventive measures for sustainable use. 

All-Electric APU

When it comes to all-electrical APUs, these are battery-operated that provide a silent operation. This type of APU (unit) can provide power anywhere between 10 and 12 hours to run your air conditioning unit – longer with a heating system. On its downside, all-electrical APUs for sale offer limited run times. They are only good for moderate usage, and not for lavish truck or RV accommodations like cooking or watching on cable TV. This fact holds for all auxiliary power units for semi-trucks.

With this, all-electric APUs are best for small vehicles and in areas with “no idle” policies where they are preferred, given their zero emissions. To keep it in excellent condition, all you need to apply is simple electrical connection maintenance, plus a battery swap whenever necessary.

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