The Boone Forest Rally Race

The Daniel Boone National Forest
McKee, KY
September 22-23 2023



We recently talked with Green APU Rally USA Racing driver Patrick Gruszka about the recent Boone Forest Rally Race in Kentucky.


Tell Us About the Race

“This race was really exciting, as it was the inaugural run for this event.  We have been working with our close friend, Erik Hubbard with Backroads of Appalachia, and the ARA (American Rally Association) to put this race together. We knew it was going to be challenging, and we were not wrong!”


What Was Different About This One Compared to Others?

 “Because it’s a regional event, the race was much shorter both in length and time. Even so, it was a tough event. The roads used as stages were not like any other we have competed on before. Fast and smooth in some sections, then rough and extremely technical in others.”


How Did It Go for the Green APU Rally USA Team?

 “Well, not as well as he had hoped. We had a mechanical issue with the steering system, which took us out of the competition.”


What Challenges Did You Find During the Race?

 “The prep for the race went great, but during, we encountered a lot of bedrock coming through the road, and large gravel. We got a work out for sure, and it was hard on the car, and us as drivers.”


Sorry About Not Finishing

 “Well, it’s all part of the sport. Things happen, both good and bad. We just have to move on and look forward to the next race. We are really excited about the future of this particular event too. We hope to see it grow into a national event.”


What Did You Learn from the Event?

 “Every time I strap into a racecar, I’m always learning and looking to improve my skills as a driver. This event specifically gave me solid experience on rough stages that will greatly help us in the future.”


Anything You Would Like Change or Try to Improve On?

 I don’t think I would necessarily change anything, as every failure and challenge makes us come back even stronger for the next run.”

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