Nitrocross Rally Race

Ask Patrick Series

Nitrocross Rally Race

Salt Lake City, UT

August 18-19th 2023


We caught up with Green APU Rally USA Racing driver Patrick Gruszka after he completed the recent Nitrocross Rally race in Salt Lake City.


Tell Us About Nitrocross!

Patrick: “Nitrocross is an extreme version of RallyCross and was designed by Travis Pastrana. It’s door to door racing, with lots of jumps, big banked corners, and is a mix of dirt and tarmac. This weekend was my first ever time doing this type of race.”


How Did the Race Go?  

Patrick: “It was a double header, and we ended up securing 3rd place for both rounds!”


What Challenges Did You Face?  

Patrick: “We had zero time to prepare, as we only got the car a few days before we left for the race. I had to learn quickly and adapt to the car, as it’s much more different than our i20 rally car.”

“We had a few mishaps during the race, with a few busted body panels, but that’s to be expected with door to door racing. Besides that, things went pretty smoothly.”


Sounds Like You are Pretty Pumped with the Outcome!

Patrick: “Absolutely! We came in with the mindset to just get seat time and learn. The Team had no expectations to be on the podium. We were up against a field of drivers who have been doing this much longer, so to podium on both rounds is awesome!”


What was Different About This Race?

Patrick: “It’s all in one location, unlike a stage rally, so for spectators, it’s an ideal situation. It’s also door to door, as we are racing directly against one another. Usually at a stage rally, we run one at a time against the clock.”


What Do You Want to Change for the Next Race? 

Patrick: “We need to work on the car’s setup and get more seat time for sure.”


What Did You Learn from the Race?


Patrick: “I learned that I definitely want to do more Nitrocross! I had so much fun out there, and we’re hoping to be able to do the rest of the season.”

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