Nitrocross (Rounds 6 & 7) – December 9th & 10th – San Bernardino, CA

Ask Patrick Series
Nitrocross Southern California
Glen Helen Raceway
December 9th & 10th 2023


Let’s check in with Green APU Rally USA Racing driver Patrick Gruszka about his experience in the Nitrocross Southern California at the Glen Helen Raceway.


Tell Us About the Race

“This was another new track for me, as it’s my first season in Nitrocross. It was really cool – 95% dirt, with only the starting grid being tarmac. It was shorter than previous tracks, but had a lot more jumps!”


How Did It Go for the Green APU Rally USA Team?

“We finished 3rd place in the first round of the doubleheader and walked away with some hardware. The second round didn’t work out so well, as during the first lap of the final, I got pushed into a wall. I had to back up to get going again, and by that time, I could not catch up. We ended up in 6th place.“


What Was Different About This Race Compared to Others?

“This track came from the brilliant mind of Travis Pastrana. Every track he does is different. Some are all tarmac, others complete dirt, and one is on ice. He also has tracks with a combination of mixed dirt and tarmac. This particular one was all dirt, with 6 jumps – the most I have seen this year.”


What Challenges Came Up?

“We actually had 2 cars for this race with Alastair Scully running the other car. During the past few weeks, the crew had a lot of work to do getting both cars ready to go. We got on the podium the first night, and had a great chance the next evening too, but I went into that wall. That’s racing for you!”


Anything You Want to Improve on or Change?

“Improvement is a never-ending process. Between our last race in Phoenix and this one in SoCal, I can see that we got a lot better. We just have to keep at it, and cut our lap times down a few tenths, while staying consistent”.


What Lessons Did You Take Away from This Race?  

“I’m pleased with our progress, but when it comes to Nitrocross, I have a lot to learn. This is what this season has been all about – racking up seat time to get all the experience I can.”

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