Best Electronic Gadgets for Your Semi Truck

For anyone who says the life of a truck driver is easy, they clearly haven’t done it. Truckers keep this country running every day, from coast to coast. While it’s true there’s no place like home, today’s truck drivers have a variety of electronic gadgets available to them to make day-to-day life out on the highway a little more comfortable.

In this blog, let’s take a look at 6 electronic devices that can help make a trucker’s quality of life a lot better.

Tablet or Lap Top

When you’re done after a long day of driving, having a tablet or laptop available is a good way to unwind, and catch up with the world. Whether you want to check email, watch some TV, or surf the web, there’s always plenty of entertainment to be found on an iPad or laptop.

Wireless Hotspot Device

If you’re going to spend some of your hard-earned downtime on a tablet or laptop, you’ll need to be connected to the internet. A wireless hotspot device can provide web access to your computer or iPad, no matter where you are parked for the night.

Many major cell phone companies offer affordable monthly packages, all priced on the amount of data you want to use. For a truck driver, having reliable internet service in your rig is worth its weight in gold!

Dash Cam

If your company doesn’t already provide one, investing in a good quality dash cam is a great idea. A lot of things can happen out on the road, and having a dash cam recording of what happens on the other side of your windshield can help protect you both legally and financially should an incident occur.

GPS Unit for Trucks

Several GPS manufacturers sell units that are specifically designed for truckers. Loaded with special software, truck GPS units provide a great amount of information not available on passenger car devices.

Load in specific details about your tractor/trailer, and receive specialized data such as route and sharp curve warnings, bridge heights, weight limits, service and food locations, as well as other great information. A semi GPS unit can go a long way in making your job as a trucker a whole lot easier.

Power Strip for Charging

When it comes to being comfortable on the road, convenience is the name of the game. Like most people today, many truckers have cell phones, tablets, lap tops and other devices on board their rigs that all need to stay charged.

A power strip with multiple USB ports is a great way to keep all of your electronic gadgetry charged up so everything will be ready to go when you get off the road. It is also an easy way to keep your charging wires organized and in one place.

Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum

It doesn’t take long for the inside of your rig to start looking a bit nasty as dirt and debris build up from driving each day.

Keep your truck looking sharp with a small wet/dry vacuum that you can store away when not in use. Not only will it help clean up dry dirt and dust, but also wet stuff like spills or mud. You’ll be surprised how much more pleasant your cab’s interior will be when it’s nice and tidy.

The Convenience, Reliability & Comfort of Green APU

We’re always super proud when customers tell us how much they love the Green APU in their rigs.

With over a decade of experience and thousands of trouble-free hours out on the road, the Green APU is the best Auxiliary Power Unit available in the marketplace.

Our 5th generation Star Edition is powered by a highly reliable 3-cylinder, Kubota diesel engine, which makes it the most powerful APU in the industry.

The Green APU only burns ¼ of a gallon of fuel per hour, which will save you thousands of dollars in fuel and regeneration costs each year. The Star Edition uses all off-the-shelf components, so replacement parts are available at auto parts stores across the country, or through our nationally recognized distribution centers.

We are so confident about our product that we offer a 2-year, 3,000-hour warranty.

So, get out there trucker, and grab some electronic gadgets to enjoy out on the road! We will keep them powered up, guaranteed!

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