How does our Green APU help logistics companies?

In logistics, every second matters and so does every dollar to give you the return on your bottom line. That’s why logistics companies are always looking for ways to enhance their operations, increase efficiency, and save money. That’s where an auxiliary power unit can make all the difference.

Whether it’s a small company with as few as one truck or a large company with a fleet of trucks, auxiliary power units from Green APU can boost the overall operation in more ways than one.

 A Truck APU That Takes Care of You and Your Truck

Green APU has devoted a great deal of time and energy to produce an auxiliary power unit that your logistics company can count on to save you money in the short and long-term. But it also does more. This truck APU is also designed to keep the driver comfortable while protecting your most valued investment, your truck, allowing your company to reach further and grow. Here’s how:

  •       Fuel Savings: Our Green APU system is professionally installed so that it can control, above all else, your fuel consumption. With your truck APU in place, you no longer have to keep the engine running to utilize all of the onboard features.
  •       Cabin Comfort: No matter the weather, your driver can use the auxiliary power unit to maintain precise climate control automatically. So all that’s left to do is focus on the road.
  •       Never Get Stuck: With the APU truck battery monitoring, you can be certain that your engine starts every time, keeping you in business. Your truck will start on even the coldest days without having to keep it warmed up overnight, as it preheats your engine coolants when temperatures drop to the freezing mark.

A Green APU is the Best Investment You Can Make in Your Truck or Your Fleet

The Green APU simply makes driving easier, more comfortable, and more economical than ever before. Any logistics company can incorporate an auxiliary power unit from Green APU into one truck or the entire fleet of trucks to maximize the benefits and enhance efficiencies that you will see directly in your profits.

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